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CastorOil -AADSUGA60000830008

₹ 52.00

A Powerful Laxative. A Natural Moisturizer. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid.Promotes Wound Healing.Impressive Anti-Inflammatory Effects.Reduces Acne.Fights Fungus.Keeps Your Hair and Scalp Healthy...

Coconut Oil -AADSUGA60000830006

₹ 171.00

A Boost in Good Cholesterol.Good for Blood Sugar and Diabetes.Helps Fight Back Against Alzheimer's Disease.Helps Stop Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure.Aids in Liver Health.Boosts Energy.Aids with Digestion.Acts as a Salve for Wounds and Burns...

Gingelly Oil -AADSUGA60000830007

₹ 181.00

It is rich in antioxidants.A study published in 2011 in the Clinical Journal of Nutrition showed that Gigelly oil enhanced the efficiency of the oral drug in type 2 diabetic patients.The Vitamin E and Vitamin B found in this oil helps to lessen damage done to the skin, and also brings a youthful, shining glow to the face.Magnesium present..

Groundnut Oil-AADSUGA60000830005

₹ 124.00

Boosts Heart Health.Helps Fight Cancer.Enhances Cognitive Health.Can Improve Insulin Sensitivity...

Marthandam Honey 500 gm-AADSUGA60000830004

₹ 190.00

Contains Essential Nutrients It is Rich In Anti Oxidants It is Less Bad than Sugar for Diabetics Helps Lower Blood Pressure Helps IN Improving Cholestrol Level Helps To Lower Triglycerides Helps In Promoting Burn and Wound Healing..

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